CELTA: Qualification for exerienced teachers?

Guus van der Made, Head of Studies at International House Frankfurt
and Cologne and MCT (Main CELTA Tutor).

One of the myths of language teaching is that being a native speaker is a teaching qualification teaching in itself. That, however, truly is a myth. Increasingly more language schools expect their teachers – even when they are experienced – to have a certified teaching qualification.

One of the best known and worldwide acknowledged teacher-training programmes is the Cambridge CELTA. Guus van der Made is the Head of Teacher Training at International House Frankfurt and runs CELTA courses as the main course tutor.

  • Guus, CELTA is a programme for native and non-native speakers who want to start teaching English. However, can experienced teachers without a qualification still benefit from the CELTA?

Sure! Although the CELTA is an initial teaching qualification, there are many experienced teachers that take a CELTA. Gaining knowledge about methodology and different approaches is always useful. The hands-on approach of the CELTA gives teachers access to the latest developments in EFL teaching and provides them with techniques they might not have been familiar with.

Experienced or not, every teacher can benefit from a CELTA. Moreover, an experienced teacher without qualifications may have problems finding another teaching position. The CELTA will open doors worldwide for you.

  • What is the main focus of this four-week CELTA programme?

The CELTA is very much a hands-on programme. The theory being discussed in the morning can be applied during the teaching practice in the afternoon. Our students in the afternoon are real students and not guinea pigs. The discussions among the trainees and with the tutors in the feedback sessions provide valuable insight into ones strengths and weaknesses, both for new and experienced teachers.

  • What are the alternatives to a CELTA course?

There are many good TEFL courses out there but it’s difficult to say which ones. The CELTA (Cambridge) and Trinity (Oxford) courses are the only ones that are assessed by independent assessors from prestigious universities. It is a guarantee for quality.