Germany and Frankfurt:
Job opportunities and quality of life

A part of our CELTA trainees are living in Frankfurt or the Rhein-Main-Region. Those who are coming from other parts of Germany are convinced of our quality and service or benefit from the central and well connected location of Frankfurt. But we have lots of trainees coming from abroad. What is their motivation?

  • “German cities top world quality of life rankings”: “Germany offers some of the best quality of life in the world, a survey released …. Three of its cities were placed in the top ten of the annual rankings …  and banking-haven Frankfurt seventh, according to the international rankings.” (thelocal.de 2014)
  • “Germany Leads Europe in Immigrant Job Prospects”: “A newly released survey shows that non-EU immigrants have an easier time finding jobs in Germany than in other European countries.” (spiegel.de)


View on Frankfurt.

 The City of Frankfurt

Frankfurt, the world-class financial and services centre, at the heart of the dynamic FrankfurtRhineMain region, is one of Europe’s top company locations, with its central position, the excellent infrastructure and one of the biggest airports in Europe. As the headquarters of the European Central Bank, Frankfurt is very important in terms of monetary and currency policy.

Thanks to its varied and comprehensive cultural offering, Frankfurt enjoys an excellent reputation at both the national and international level. The highlights of the Frankfurt cultural scene undoubtedly include the ‘Museumsufer’, where 11 well-known museums are lined up like a string of pearls on both sides of the Main.