CELTA International House Frankfurt

Group foto with CELTA trainees, students of training practice classes and trainers:

CELTA Course September 2015 - final day

Comments of trainees:

The course itself:

“The hardest, most intensive experience of my life … but also the best!” | “Character-building, highly educational, holistically stimulating: the course was effective and I now want to teach!” | “Really well-designed and delivered. Covered all the essentials and more. Professional and proficient teacher training.” | “It was more intensive than I expected. If you have young children and no support, don’t recommend it.” | “Very professional team.”

Organisation of course / support by admin:

“I knew I could always rely on the support available at International House Frankfurt.” | “Fine, more than enough and I was well prepared for each step of the course.” | “Really slick and smooth and helpful. No problems at all. Extremely flexible.” | “Well done!” | “I always felt supported during the course.”

Frankfurt as location of the course:

“To date, the best place I’ve ever been to.” | “Highly functional location – right in the middle of Frankfurt.” | “Perfect for me – 4 minutes from home.” | “Great location. It’s close to the train station and easy to walk to.” | “To be honest, the CELTA did not allow me to see anything of Frankfurt apart of my way to school.”

The centre IH Frankfurt:

“Well situated, accessible and friendly.” | “Quite a positive place.” | “No problems I can think of.” | “The staff is very helpful and approachable.” | “The IH Frankfurt offered everything I needed for the course.”

CELTA International House Frankfurt

CELTA Training January 2015.


  • The course itself: “Loved it!”
  • Organisation of course / support by administration and reception:
    “I ♥ Christina (Guus is cool too …)”
  • Frankfurt as location for a CELTA course: “Perfect for me, since I live here.”
  • The centre IH Frankfurt: “Friendly staff.”

Daniela Burbach:

  • The course itself: “Tough but learned a lot. Great tutors always valuing our work.”
  • Organisation of course / support by administration and reception:
    “Perfect. Thanx Christina!”
  • Frankfurt as location for a CELTA course: “Awesome!”
  • The centre IH Frankfurt: “Rooms a little too small.”
  • Accomodation and support: “Perfect!”

Susie O‘Doherty:

  • The course itself:
    “Such an interesting thing to do. Coming after 6 years in an office environment it was a pleasure doing something so different. And looking for jobs now I can see the benefit of the qualification.”
  • Organisation of course / support by administration and reception: “Excellent / faultless”
  • Frankfurt as location for a CELTA course: “Such an interesting group of people in Frankfurt. And of course its in Germany which means the CELTA here is probably the best organised course in the world.”
  • The centre IH Frankfurt: “Like a second home.”


  • The course itself: “I learned a lot. I had so much fun and the tutors were very helpful.”
  • Organisation of course / support by administration and reception: “Great organisation. The administration and the reception were very helpful when we had any question.”
  • Frankfurt as location for a CELTA course: “Fantastic location. Good to reach with public transport.”
  • The centre IH Frankfurt: “Nice little school where you meet many professional teachers in the evening and where you have a great variety of students.”


  • The course itself: “Getting my CELTA certificate has been one of the best decisions of my life. I looked at the other options and felt that CELTA would be the best preparation. I am 100% sure I made the right choice. I have loved this course, can’t wait to start a career in teaching, am so grateful for the wonderful tutors, and am excited to see where in the world my CELTA certificate will take me! Thank you!”
  • Organisation of course / support by administration and reception: “The support from everyone at IH Frankfurt was outstanding! They made everything so easy!”
  • Frankfurt as location for a CELTA course: “I would have liked to take the course in Cologne but enjoyed getting to know Frankfurt and the location of the school can’t be beat!”
  • The centre IH Frankfurt: “The whole team is friendly, informative and wonderful! It was a pleasure working.”
  • Accomodation and support: “I was able to find an apartment walking distance from the school, it was perfect.”


  • The course itself: “Really intensive, really helpful. Lots of individual attention from tutors. I feel confident that I will get a job, especially with my tutors as references. Practical and theoretical aspects combined for well rounded experience.”
  • Organisation of course / support by administration and reception: “Very well organized, great support by admin and reception.”
  • Frankfurt as location for a CELTA course: “Well, it was a commute for me, but that’s not their problem! Location in Frankfurt was ideal (very central).”
  • The centre IH Frankfurt: “I would have liked more desk space and room in general, but otherwise satisfied with the center. Great coffee machine!”

Munad Hassan:

  • The course itself: “Concise and effective.”
  • Organisation of course / support by administration and reception: “Very helpful.”
  • Frankfurt as location for a CELTA course: “Perfect! Near everything important.”
  • The centre IH Frankfurt: “Friendly, easy going, laid back staff.”
  • Accomodation and support: “Christina, best support in Europe.”

Eva: I expected a lot of work and it was a lot of work. I expected little sleep but it was less sleep.  I know you should start with the good things but  this is the first  you’ll remember about your CELTA course. The contents  were amazing, practical and overall just very high quality. More than I had expected. I feel that what I have learned is incomparable and of great value. I have also learned to be efficient and practical, you have to be! The school was very friendly. Bright rooms with big windows and we were so lucky to get lots and lots of sun during the month. That really made everything  easier.  The centre is located in a beautiful spot of Frankfurt and right in the city centre. The staff of IH Frankfurt was always very helpful and comprehensive (especially in cases of urgent coffee-need! ).  The tutors were amazing.  I expected good and qualified trainers but they were much more than I could have imagined. Beautiful people with a great heart. Thank you so much again for being just as hardworking as us and still always friendly, open, patient and very helpful. Our group of trainees was lovely. Great team!  And so important to have a good laugh every now and then. Thank you everybody for the infinite support! Would I recommend the course? Well it is definitely worth its price and you will be glad to have done it. But you have to be prepared to go through a kind of “zombie”-state during that month and make sure to plan your time very efficiently.

Monika Paul: Amazing! I can’t believe I did it! A trip through a CELTA SEA! But be aware before you take this voyage, you are bound to face endless emotional storms, turbulent TPs, .. coffee breaks, andless assignments, sleepless nights … a real challenge. “To be or not to be,” but it’s all worth it, friends! … Though this voyage looks very difficult but with the help of extremely helpful trainers and supporting colleagues it’s achievable.

Richard Hillman: A challenging and focused course, well-constructed and organised, presented in a friendly atmosphere. Power preparation for English teaching.

Steven Pine: It was indeed stressful, but also fun. The teachers in the group were great, the tutors knowledgeable, and the IH Frankfurt staff were very supportive and, more importantly, very patient with us. Thanks for that!

Paula: I really enjoyed the CELTA course. It was very intensive and challenging. I spent a lot of time preparing my lessons and working on the assignments, but the other trainees and our tutors were very nice and supportive. I had never taught a class before I took this course, and I was quite nervous for my first teaching practice, but everyone really put me at ease. Our tutors were very knowledgeable and gave us very useful feedback. I now feel thoroughly prepared to embark on a carreer as an English language teacher.

Jo Ann: The CELTA is a challenging course. Not much sleep, no life, dreams of training practice. I highly recommend this course. It’s hard work but you get so much. The tutors give so much and we get so much from it.

Charlotte:  The group was very supportive and I enjoyed the time I spent with them. The course is very useful and you learn a lot in a very short period of time. The input seminars are very interesting. The tutors are extremely competent and highly motivated. The people working at IH Frankfurt are very friendly and helpful. The only thing I did not like was the pressure, it was not so much the time pressure but the feeling of being pushed.

Erin:  The students were lovely people. The entire IH Frankfurt team were helpful and accomodating. They made the experience that much more enjoyable. I got to meet some really great people from all over the world. The CELTA course was very hands-on and practical – definitely preparation for real world teaching. So much practical experience in such a short amount of time. I’ve never worked with such a friendly and supportive group of people – my colleagues made the experience great. Everyday of the course is used to the fullest – there wasn’t one minute that felt like time was being wasted.

Kelly:  The staff here was in a word – fabulous! The days were long, but there was always someone there to lend a hand, make a fresh pot of tea, help with the copier and share some encouraging words. People understood the stress and pressure we were under and did everything in their power to alleviate some of it. It was always nice to come through the front door each morning. No one would have ever guessed this was the first course taught here for CELTA. Very professional, well-equipped library and a friendly staff. My time spent here (four long weeks) was made easier because of these things.

Kevin: I found the course extremely challenging, it was great. Not having taught a lesson before, I was very anxious about teaching my first lesson. Two weeks later we were fighting to teach in our unassessed slots. The staff were great in their support for us, and the support from my fellow students was greatly appreciated.

Kevin: (a different Kevin):  The CELTA course comes as advertised; intense and informative. You will teach on day one and improve on day two. Come prepared – leave confident.

Richard:  Great experience! Challenged me all the way which I really enjoyed. I can recommend the CELTA course in Frankfurt at IH. IH ran the programme really professionally and the tutors were 1st class. Don’t forget it will be stressful but you will learn a lot!