We help you find accommodation

We provide you with accommodation options in Frankfurt. These are usually rooms in shared flats, whether with families, couples or individuals. The rooms are furnished and you have access to the kitchen. Importantly, the hosts are aware of the intensity of the trainees’ 4-week course and the concentrated work that will take place.

The price is usually between €400 – €500 for the four weeks of your stay.

Where is the accommodation?

Many of the shared flats are in the neighbourhoods around the city centre. Although Frankfurt is a metropolis, this city with a population of 700.000 is not confusing. Often you will be able to take a quick U-Bahn or S-Bahn (metro) trip to school, or even walk a short distance. The public transport system in Frankfurt offers many options for your travel, and the bike paths are also clearly outlined (for those who do not own a bicycle, one can also rent bikes with eg. Call a Bike).

Other Accommodation in Frankfurt

wimdu.de : According to the provider, Wimdu is now a leading online platform offering private accommodation for all tastes and budgets. On average, staying in a Wimdu apartment is “50% cheaper than booking a hotel room”. Property is insured against damages for up to 500,000€ for free. As a CELTA course trainee you receive a discount voucher for a wimdu booking.