Why CELTA at IH Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is a fantastic city in central Europe with excellent chances to start your career as an English teacher. It is the home of the Central European Bank, which has made many other financial institutions choose Frankfurt as their home. Year round there are opportunities to start teaching here.

Small groups on our CELTA courses

As the CELTA is an intensive and hands-on course, we believe in maximising the time and attention our tutors can give you. Therefore, we work with small groups of candidates. This means there is one tutor for every six candidates, which guarantees they will have sufficient time to support you during all stages of the course.

Frankfurt: International city with international students

Frankfurt is an international city and this provides us with the unique opportunity to offer you so-called ‘teaching practice classes’ with a wide variety of nationalities. The students you will teach pay a small course fee and have proven to be highly motivated and cooperative.

We don’t see our teaching practice students as guinea pigs but as real students motivated to learn the English language. This has not only proven to be the key to getting motivated students but you will also find that your CELTA teaching practice students here in Frankfurt will probably be the best students you will work with in your career.

Global city with charm

Our centre is situated right in the centre of Frankfurt, close to the main railway station and only a hundred metres away from an underground station – or U-Bahn station, as it is called in Germany. As Frankfurt has an excellent public transport system, you will always have limited travel time from any part of the city to our centre.

Frankfurt combines the qualities of a global city with the charm of a regional city and has a population of less than a million people. Thanks to its status as the economic heart of Europe, it has a rich cultural life. There are good reasons why the New York Times put the city on the 12th spot of “32 to Places to go 2014. “Frankfurt, Germany: An infusion of hip night life wakes up a humdrum city.”